As advertisers, maintaining a strong presence in front of your target audience is essential. Research suggests that it takes an average of at least eight interactions with a brand before a prospect is ready to take action. On LinkedIn Ads, it’s crucial to consider what type of ads to display at each stage of your customers’ journey. Often, prospects need to see multiple ads, creating a sequence of ad experiences that nurture and educate them until they’re ready to convert. This is where retargeting comes into play.

However, some of LinkedIn’s retargeting options take longer to set up than others. LinkedIn generally requires a minimum audience size of 300 recognized profiles to run a campaign effectively. Longer setup times can lead to delays in each stage of your customer’s journey, which could make it less likely for your audience to remember you in later stages.

So, if you want your brand to remain top-of-mind, consider the following retargeting options, and be cautious of others.

Video Ad Retargeting

Video Ad retargeting is one of the quickest methods for building retargeting audiences on LinkedIn. Unlike some other options that may take months to develop an audience, Video Ad retargeting can do it in a matter of days. This method allows you to target prospects based on what percentage of your Video Ads they’ve watched, including 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

You can also specify a timeframe for recent engagement with your ads, such as 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days in the past. Building an audience large enough for retargeting can be achieved with approximately $1,000 in ad spend over seven days, focusing on those who watched at least 50% of your Video Ads.

Single Image Ad Retargeting

Similar to Video Ad retargeting, Single Image Ad retargeting audiences can be built relatively quickly, typically in a matter of days. This method allows you to retarget individuals who performed chargeable clicks on your Single Image Ads, or you can expand this to include any interactions on your ads. The inclusion of interactions can significantly accelerate audience development.

One word of caution is regarding enabling the LinkedIn Audience Network (LAN), as it may generate more engagement, but the quality of clicks from LAN can be poor.

Lead Gen Form Retargeting

On the contrary, one of the slowest and costlier methods for building a retargeting audience is through LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Form Ads. While this method allows you to retarget those who open or submit a Lead Gen Form, it can take a considerable budget, often between $6,000 to $9,000 in ad spend and one to three months to build a large enough audience for retargeting. This is particularly true if you maintain a steady pace of generating leads.

Lead Gen Form Ads can still be a valuable retargeting option, especially for accumulating prospects interested in your brand. However, it requires a longer-term ad strategy with a larger budget to move prospects to the next stage of your holistic strategy promptly.

Website Visits Retargeting

Similar to Lead Gen Form retargeting, Website Visits retargeting can help you stay in front of prospects aware of your brand, but it may take a longer time to build an audience that meets LinkedIn’s 300-member threshold. This is especially true if your website receives a lower volume of traffic per week, as it can take months to establish a sufficiently sized retargeting audience.

It’s important to anticipate a longer ad campaign when using these methods before proceeding to the next stage of your strategy.

Keep Momentum with Speedy Retargeting Options

LinkedIn offers several excellent retargeting options, but only a few of them enable rapid audience building, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind. What are your preferred LinkedIn retargeting methods, and why? Share your insights below!






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